There are a lot of people who made ripple coin as we all know. Among them there are key people who made the idea behind ripple even before Bitcoin.

Who made ripple coin first?

Ryan Fugger released Ripple in 2004 after he worked for a Vancouver’s local exchange trading system. He wanted to create a monetary system which will not be decentralized and could effectively allow individuals and groups to make their own currency. Fugger built the first version of this system on

Who made ripple coin as a protocol?

Jed McCaleb start to develop a cryptocurrency system in May 2011, where all transactions would be verified only by unanimity between members of the net. The system was faster than the verification-mining process used by Bitcoin.

Chris Larsen was hired by McCaleb and they both approached Fugger with the new currency idea in August 2012. After reaching an agreement with McCaleb and other recognized members of the network, Fugger gave control to the key persons.

Chris Larsen and Jed McCaleb released OpenCoin in September 2012. From there, the development of the Ripple payment, Ripple protocol (RTXP) was started by OpenCoin.

In April 11th of 2013 OpenCoin announced the closing an angel that funded several capital firms. In April of the same year, OpenCoin get SimpleHoney in order to help with popularizing of virtual currencies and make it easier to use to average users. Jed McCaleb excluded himself form the active work on Ripple in July of the same year.

Who made ripple coin as a cryptocurrency?

OpenCoin has rebranded itself to Ripple Labs and finally to Ripple from 2013 to 2015 following several legal issues and leaps with cryptocurrency. As more and more turned to digital assets banks and other fiat currency depending institutions wanted to find a bridge between fiat and digital currencies. Ripple stepped up to this.

Today you can even gambling with ripple on sites like primedice or Crypto-Games.

On June 13, 2016, it gained a cryptocurrency license from the New York State Department of Financial Services, thus becoming the 4th company with a BitLicense. From then on it was the cryptocurrency favoured by banks due to the fast transaction speed offered by the ripple protocol.

In November 2017, American Express (AMEX) and Ripple joined and created a payment system. The system is made for Business to Business (B2B) payments between US corporate customers and UK based customers. The payments between customers will be traced in real time by this service.

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