This is one of the question that many people have been asking because they have never found a better explanation as far as the difference between the two is concerned. On this that many people know for sure is that Bitcoin and Ethereum both deal with transaction of cryprocurrency and nothing more than that. Sometimes people get confused especially for the beginners who would like to try their hands in cryptocurrency. It is therefore a good thing to get down and distinguish between the two. It is with this difference that you will get to choose which one to work with.

Let’s start with ethereum; it is very different from bitcoin because with ethereum, the programming language that has been used is basically closely associated with cryptography where cryptography is the processes of designing a cyptocurrency platform that will allow a communication between the system and the users and the users versus other users. On the other hand, bitcoin has majorly employed a stack based language where there is always a prompt before an action within the system is initiated. For example, if you want to withdraw some bitcoins, then you will need to trigger a stack based language to initiate the whole process.

The other big difference between the two is the time taken by a process to be initiated within the blockchain. For instance with ethereum, each and every transaction is triggered and process within a few seconds. This means that as for ethereum the time taken for a transaction to be completed is less as compared to bitcoin which takes minutes. With bitcoin, the transaction may take a little longer and this can be measured in terms of minutes. It is even whispered that transactions may take up to half an hour.

The purposes of the two is also another source of difference. Initially bitcoin was created with the idea of creating an alternative for common money. Bitcoin is therefore just like money and it is a medium of exchange and a store of value. Bitcoin can even be used to pay for goods and services just like the ordinary money.

Worth noting that Bitcoin and Ethereum dice sites work the same way and most good site accept multiple currencies now.

On the other hand, ethereum is basically a platform where you can engage with other users through contracts creating applications which would allow a specific currency to be used. In that case, ethereum is an advanced means in which bitcoin can be transacted.

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